Greasetec is a multi-purpose Cleaner & De-Greaser. It has a neutral PH level which means that it is gentle enough on your skin and strong enough to remove tough stains. It removes grease and oils from all surfaces as well as the pores. Used daily or periodically it remains tough on grease but gentle on rubber and plastic.


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Cleaning & De-Greasing of Motorbikes

Cleaning & De-Greasing of heavily greased engine parts


The Inspiration Behind Greasetec

Greasetec was founded by Ricardo de Waal on the 19th of July 2014 when he was 13 years old. His inspiration for Greasetec came from a school project that he did raising money for a charity. He decided to carry on with this business after the project had ended as it was a once in a life time opportunity that he wasn’t going to miss out on. It was the perfect opportunity for a young boy with a great vision.

Greasetec now strives to launch in other countries and have their quality product available worldwide. We are determined to one day become a well-known household product that you can trust.



Greasetec all-purpose degreaser is supplied in a ready to use format but can be further diluted for light cleaning.

Depending upon the application, recommended dilution rates are as follows:

  • Greased Engine Parts: Use undiluted.
  • Heavily soiled Off-Road motorbikes: Use undiluted.
  • Motor vehicle Engines: Dilute 1 part with 5 parts water.


Safety Instructions:


Harmful if inhaled

Harmful if swallowed

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with lots of water and seek medical attention

For all exposures, seek medical assistance from a doctor or call the poisons information centre on +27 21 931 6129 (24 hours)

Keep container tightly closed in a well ventilated area.


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